CoLab: Week #3

Some of our first ideas for the banner.

This week we started to draw up some thumbnails for our banners. Our group wanted to have our banner to have some history and a sense of community represented in some of our proposals.

In addition, we started to do some basic embroidering and learn how to use a sewing machine. For homework we had to make something usinf at least 5 of the skills we learned for embroidery and using the sewing machine. I decided to embroider some text and designs. I was pretty excited how they came out.

We decided for our final design for our banner we were going to use the terra cotta roof design. We wanted to use this design and try out different types of textures and patterns for the fabric to make the tile roofing.

When we cut out the muslin we first started on the house and the tiles. this part probably took the longest out of all the the other pieces to attach onto the muslin. We cut out a separate piece of fabric from the muslin banner to attach it all on to. but after attaching it to the muslin for both sides, sewing was very difficult be ther was a lot of fabric for the machine to sew through 😦

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