CoLab: Week #2

This week we created three group logos. Margaret and I first made a list to find some commonalities between us. In our logos we incorporated how our start signs are Sagittarius, we both are artists, we wear glasses and love to cook. We also incorporated some inside jokes between us (some are WAY too long and weird to explain).

When deciding how our logos were going to work, we just did funny scenarios and poses. we felt like it just made sense to do that since these symbols represents us and our friendship.

How the logos would look like and would be presented, we thought about a design that would look good on a shirt.

Banner Proposals

For the rest of the week we learned about the design elements in making flags. This lead to making our banner proposals. For our three proposals for our banners we made a booklet that provided the design and information on it. A common theme through our designs is community and what aspects make this community as well as the history.

Some of our drafts before deciding on the final three proposals.

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