CoLab Week #5

After completing our banner project, for homework we had to make a video of us recreating one form of communication that we documented. For my video I chosed to show the silent comunnication that goes between my friends, family, and I. The reenactment shows the different facial expressions and gestures we sometime use to talk to eachother.

CoLab Week #4

This week we ended up finishing up our banner. Some parts of making the pieces went by super fast so our group though we would finish early but that proved to be wrong. The last pieces we would have to attach to the separate sides before making the banner one whole piece seem like it took forever. We were very excited to finish it and how it was looking so far through the process. When the banner was one whole piece we had trouble getting the length right for the flag poles it would be hanging on. We ended up making the banner a little too long for it to fit on the pole so we had to adjust it several times, which was very frustrating. The following assignment had us list different forms communication and document what we saw.

CoLab: Week #3

Some of our first ideas for the banner.

This week we started to draw up some thumbnails for our banners. Our group wanted to have our banner to have some history and a sense of community represented in some of our proposals.

In addition, we started to do some basic embroidering and learn how to use a sewing machine. For homework we had to make something usinf at least 5 of the skills we learned for embroidery and using the sewing machine. I decided to embroider some text and designs. I was pretty excited how they came out.

We decided for our final design for our banner we were going to use the terra cotta roof design. We wanted to use this design and try out different types of textures and patterns for the fabric to make the tile roofing.

When we cut out the muslin we first started on the house and the tiles. this part probably took the longest out of all the the other pieces to attach onto the muslin. We cut out a separate piece of fabric from the muslin banner to attach it all on to. but after attaching it to the muslin for both sides, sewing was very difficult be ther was a lot of fabric for the machine to sew through 😦

CoLab: Week #2

This week we created three group logos. Margaret and I first made a list to find some commonalities between us. In our logos we incorporated how our start signs are Sagittarius, we both are artists, we wear glasses and love to cook. We also incorporated some inside jokes between us (some are WAY too long and weird to explain).

When deciding how our logos were going to work, we just did funny scenarios and poses. we felt like it just made sense to do that since these symbols represents us and our friendship.

How the logos would look like and would be presented, we thought about a design that would look good on a shirt.

Banner Proposals

For the rest of the week we learned about the design elements in making flags. This lead to making our banner proposals. For our three proposals for our banners we made a booklet that provided the design and information on it. A common theme through our designs is community and what aspects make this community as well as the history.

Some of our drafts before deciding on the final three proposals.

CoLab: Week #1

For the first week of Colab we focused on symbols. During class we were sent out into town to search for symbols and signs. This included public signs, logos, graffiti, plagues, and banners. Homework for the following night was to collect and document 100 symbols we find in the Village and campuses of Alfred, NY.

Margaret and I focused on looking for these symbols on AU campus and Main Street. We made our map as a game board. We based it on the game Monopoly. In the center of the map we drew a map of Alfred and showed where we found all of our symbols. we also made a deck of cards that display each symbol and tell facts all about them. We decided that the currency in our game would be coffee beans (haha since all college students need caffeine).

Mystery Symbols

Out of the 100 symbols we found we had to investigate 5 that were mysterious.

The ceramic tiles on the Terra Cotta House is one of our five symbols. these tiles are present all through town and Alfred University. During the 1900’s these tiles were produced from clay found in Kanakadea Creek and produced on AU campus. The tiles that appear through out town are most likely seconds sold to the town at a cheaper rate.

Our second symbol were some lettering found on some pipes in Harder Hall. Margaret interviewed he father about these symbols. we found that these signs mean “Gravity Return” and “Gravity Steam.” These pipes connect all to the boiler system, which makes sense with the steam return.

The next symbol was a graffiti design. You can find this symbol all around campus and town but we found a concentration of this symbol in Harder. We asked Adeye if she knew what the graffiti meant. We found that the artist of the symbol took inspiration from a Golliwog doll.

“Right to Know Information” is another symbol. It just gives attention to the information booklet for information in how to deal with certain chemicals.

Each card was cut out and drawn out in micron pens, and painted with watercolor. Then we moved onto making the currency. The coffee beans contains brown, bronze, silver, and gold beans. each of them having a higher value than the other.

Game Board

The focus on symbols were continued into the second week where we were asked to interfere with the signs that we have found. We took a comedic approach to the assignment. We took a “Caution: Compressed Gas Inside” sign and but it on a bathroom stall in Harder Hall. Then we took an A.E.D. indicator sign and placed it right above an outlet in Harder Hall.

Final Performance


It was super nerve-racking thinking about doing a public performance for this project. Everyone was super nervous about the idea. The week leading up to today was filed with dread for the anticipation for the performance as we worked. We were all like this up until the performance, and was super relieved to have it be done and over with.

Overall prepping for our show was fairly easy since we didn’t require a lot of props or set pieces. the big

Group Members





Performance Process

Our performance contains our costumes and a few props.

To make the costume for Tammy Tea, I used a white shirt with a white plastic table cover to recreate a tea sachet. I made a giant tea sachet out of a plastic table covers and filling it with tissue paper and cut pieces of cardboard to recreate loose tea. Then I attached it to the front of the white shirt. I then cut out a piece of cardboard for the string and tag attached to the teat sachet. I tied the string to a hair tie so it can hang down from my head. For the rest of the costume I chose to wear black leggings and black converse shoes. These two articles of clothing do not correlate to the tea sachet as the idea of it is already completed with the shirt. and head piece.

In addition to our costumes we pulled together some props for our performance. Mattie and I will bring in separate coffee mugs. Everyone will have a drawing utensil to create the finial art piece in our performance. We also have brought in a table top easel to hold up our canvas. To secure it, Margaret had taped a piece of cardboard to help keep a piece of paper sturdy during the performance.

Performance Proposal

Model of Space



  • Monday- finish proposal info
  • Tuesday through Friday- gather materials to make costumes and distribute zines
  • Saturday and Sunday- meet up at Moka Joka to check in and run through performance.


Each group member is responsible for making their own costume and distributing one zine.

The Story of Place

The story for our space is based on our own experiences with foundations as well as the similar experiences that occur in the space itself. The space we will use is Moka Joka in Harder Hall. Within the space is an environment for creating art. Our daily practices were very straightforward and easy to connect to Moka Joka. Mattie and I make coffee and tea every morning. Margaret and Emily sketch everyday.

Coming up with an idea for our narrative was a bit tricky in the beginning because we didn’t know where to go with it. Our group eventually came up with a problem and solution scenario for our narrative. Our characters, Penny the Pencil and Penelope the Pen, have too many ideas but no energy to do them while Caroline and Tammy, the Caffeine Buddies, have so much energy but no outlet for them. When the two groups meet they solve each others problems and collaborate to make an art piece at Moka Joka.

We were all happy with our group narrative and created a zine. The illustrations were all simple black and white line drawings to show how simple the nature of our story was.

Band Installation

For our band, we were inspired by the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou.” Our group’s daily practices all included activities that helped relieve the stress of school. So for our band performance we wanted to take a comedic approach to it to ease the stress of the project and make it more fun or the whole group.

Our group started off making the hats for our performance. Margaret and Emily made the hats out of fabric and mod podge while shaping it around bowls.

We then started creating the set for our performance. It was difficult this week to try to get everyone together, but we eventually worked it all out. First we built the roof and figured out what to hold it up by. We gathered fallen branches to hold up the roof. At first holding up the roof was tricky but we created a frame to help secure the stick posts and help create the illusion of a warped porch on the ground. Then we began to staple siding to create the front of the house and then eventually putting in a front door and window. We made some grass and brought in more sticks and laid them in the front of the structure to frame our set and at to the outdoorsy setting.

After finishing out set we all modified our sound sculpture to fit the outdoor aesthetic of our performance. I changed my sculpture to look like an acorn, Emily made her’s into a guitar, and Dan made his instrument look like a small stove.

Group Members

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