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CoLab: Inside/Outside

Exquisite CoLab

This is Ryan. He is my weirdo little brother who eats mac and cheese all the time and likes to draw. He’s the only one who would work with me for my project but super glad he was excited to participate with me 🙂

We did a few drawings where we folded on piece of paper into four sections and passed it back and forth but without seeing what the other drew by flipping that part over. have to say this was my favorite prompt for this weeks assignment. We had a great time and giggled a lot.

Eventually my sister saw HoW MucH FuN We weRe HaVInG and then decided to join us. She decided to use red pen :/

We changed the set up for the drawing by having a the first person draw a scene and then pass it on to another to write one sentence describing the drawing.

Letter to Myself

Pandemic Aesthetic

Below is the wild Alexis in her natural habitat…

So my beautiful soft pink coat made of comforter material (since I lay in bed all day when I don’t work). Insomnia, stress, and “eating because i’m bored ” feelings make up the coat’s amazing and comfortable puffiness. The coat is recomended to be paired with your pajamas that you’ve been wearing all week because let’s be real we don’t know what day it is anymore. This coat will highlight what it is like to be a college student working from home. But be aware this coat is sooooo comfy that you may fall asleep from time to time and lose your paper work in it.


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