CoLab: Week #1

For the first week of Colab we focused on symbols. During class we were sent out into town to search for symbols and signs. This included public signs, logos, graffiti, plagues, and banners. Homework for the following night was to collect and document 100 symbols we find in the Village and campuses of Alfred, NY.

Margaret and I focused on looking for these symbols on AU campus and Main Street. We made our map as a game board. We based it on the game Monopoly. In the center of the map we drew a map of Alfred and showed where we found all of our symbols. we also made a deck of cards that display each symbol and tell facts all about them. We decided that the currency in our game would be coffee beans (haha since all college students need caffeine).

Mystery Symbols

Out of the 100 symbols we found we had to investigate 5 that were mysterious.

The ceramic tiles on the Terra Cotta House is one of our five symbols. these tiles are present all through town and Alfred University. During the 1900’s these tiles were produced from clay found in Kanakadea Creek and produced on AU campus. The tiles that appear through out town are most likely seconds sold to the town at a cheaper rate.

Our second symbol were some lettering found on some pipes in Harder Hall. Margaret interviewed he father about these symbols. we found that these signs mean “Gravity Return” and “Gravity Steam.” These pipes connect all to the boiler system, which makes sense with the steam return.

The next symbol was a graffiti design. You can find this symbol all around campus and town but we found a concentration of this symbol in Harder. We asked Adeye if she knew what the graffiti meant. We found that the artist of the symbol took inspiration from a Golliwog doll.

“Right to Know Information” is another symbol. It just gives attention to the information booklet for information in how to deal with certain chemicals.

Each card was cut out and drawn out in micron pens, and painted with watercolor. Then we moved onto making the currency. The coffee beans contains brown, bronze, silver, and gold beans. each of them having a higher value than the other.

Game Board

The focus on symbols were continued into the second week where we were asked to interfere with the signs that we have found. We took a comedic approach to the assignment. We took a “Caution: Compressed Gas Inside” sign and but it on a bathroom stall in Harder Hall. Then we took an A.E.D. indicator sign and placed it right above an outlet in Harder Hall.

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