Performance Process

Our performance contains our costumes and a few props.

To make the costume for Tammy Tea, I used a white shirt with a white plastic table cover to recreate a tea sachet. I made a giant tea sachet out of a plastic table covers and filling it with tissue paper and cut pieces of cardboard to recreate loose tea. Then I attached it to the front of the white shirt. I then cut out a piece of cardboard for the string and tag attached to the teat sachet. I tied the string to a hair tie so it can hang down from my head. For the rest of the costume I chose to wear black leggings and black converse shoes. These two articles of clothing do not correlate to the tea sachet as the idea of it is already completed with the shirt. and head piece.

In addition to our costumes we pulled together some props for our performance. Mattie and I will bring in separate coffee mugs. Everyone will have a drawing utensil to create the finial art piece in our performance. We also have brought in a table top easel to hold up our canvas. To secure it, Margaret had taped a piece of cardboard to help keep a piece of paper sturdy during the performance.

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