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The Story of Place

The story for our space is based on our own experiences with foundations as well as the similar experiences that occur in the space itself. The space we will use is Moka Joka in Harder Hall. Within the space is an environment for creating art. Our daily practices were very straightforward and easy to connect to Moka Joka. Mattie and I make coffee and tea every morning. Margaret and Emily sketch everyday.

Coming up with an idea for our narrative was a bit tricky in the beginning because we didn’t know where to go with it. Our group eventually came up with a problem and solution scenario for our narrative. Our characters, Penny the Pencil and Penelope the Pen, have too many ideas but no energy to do them while Caroline and Tammy, the Caffeine Buddies, have so much energy but no outlet for them. When the two groups meet they solve each others problems and collaborate to make an art piece at Moka Joka.

We were all happy with our group narrative and created a zine. The illustrations were all simple black and white line drawings to show how simple the nature of our story was.


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