Band Installation

For our band, we were inspired by the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou.” Our group’s daily practices all included activities that helped relieve the stress of school. So for our band performance we wanted to take a comedic approach to it to ease the stress of the project and make it more fun or the whole group.

Our group started off making the hats for our performance. Margaret and Emily made the hats out of fabric and mod podge while shaping it around bowls.

We then started creating the set for our performance. It was difficult this week to try to get everyone together, but we eventually worked it all out. First we built the roof and figured out what to hold it up by. We gathered fallen branches to hold up the roof. At first holding up the roof was tricky but we created a frame to help secure the stick posts and help create the illusion of a warped porch on the ground. Then we began to staple siding to create the front of the house and then eventually putting in a front door and window. We made some grass and brought in more sticks and laid them in the front of the structure to frame our set and at to the outdoorsy setting.

After finishing out set we all modified our sound sculpture to fit the outdoor aesthetic of our performance. I changed my sculpture to look like an acorn, Emily made her’s into a guitar, and Dan made his instrument look like a small stove.

Group Members

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