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Places and Characters

Group Members: Mattie, Margaret, and Emily.

Our group decided to chose Moka Joka since it was the best public space that represents all of our group members’ daily practices. Margaret and Emily sketch everyday for their daily practice as Mattie and I make coffee and tea. Moka Joka is a space where you can get coffee and tea while sketching.

Exhausting List:

  • chairs
  • stools
  • couch
  • counter top
  • neon sign
  • lights
  • cork board
  • artwork
  • posters
  • floor tiles
  • kitchen
  • fridge
  • electric kettle
  • coffee
  • coffee filters
  • coffee pot
  • tea
  • honey
  • sugar
  • milk
  • creamer
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • bread
  • bagels
  • spoons
  • forks
  • plates
  • mugs
  • change
  • art students
  • sketchbooks
  • pencils
  • money
  • sink
  • soap

Character Sheet

Character reflection

I chose to base my character off of a bag of coffee. My character is named Benny Bean. My character tends to be a little energetic as well as being very straight forward and Frank. He gets along with most of the characters in the group.

Moka Joka


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