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Daily Practice 3

This week I switched out my usual English breakfast tea with some vanilla chai. Chai tea always reminds me of this time of the year especially with Thanksgiving coming up in two weeks. This week I have also found myself making tea more and more often compared to the past two weeks. It’s probably because of the colder weather that I love so much and the fact that this week was extremely busier than last week. My thermos keeps my hands warm in the morning when its cold.

I also would like to believe that its helping me get a better start to my mornings and makes it easier getting up from staying up late. I have also been using it as incentive to get my work done. Like after I get my paper done I’ll make myself an herbal tea afterwards as a reward for being productive.

Me sipping on some tea while writing this post.

P.S. My caffeine consumption has been growing uncontrollably.


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