Installation Proposal

Main Idea

Our group was inspired by the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou” to create our own band- The Rocky River Valley Pals. Our group’s daily practice included drawing, smoking, and making tea and coffee. the common factor within these practices are that they are used to ease the stress of school. So, we decided to use the same spirit in our group’s installation and band though a comedic approach.

Visual References

For our visual references we are using a woodland/ log cabin aesthetic. In order to do so we are modifying our sound sculptures to fit the aesthetic. Acorns, sticks, wooden barrels, leaves, and other elements of the like are what we are going to use for inspiration in this step.

Our Installation

To set the scene of our performance, we will be creating an exterior of a log cabin with a porch.

  • we may exclude a porch railing if it interferes with our performance.
  • the cabin may have woods painted on either side of it so that the illusion of the environment isn’t broken during the video.
  • if the cabin idea does not work, we could create a woodland scene and turn stools into tree stumps.
  • Our location in the studio can be anywhere with a large, flat, white wall space.


  • Dan will be editing and helping with costume and set.
  • Mattie, Emily, Margaret, and I will be working on costumes and the set.


  • Sticks of various sizes
  • Brown paper
  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Sound recorder
  • Acrylic paint (maybe)
  • Hot glue
  • Tape

Group Members

Dan, Margaret, Emily, and Mattie.

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