Daily Practice 1

Making tea is one thing that I usually do every day. Since the fall semester started, it been pretty busy so I haven’t been able to make tea. So I’ve decided for my daily practice to focus on this habit.

I started documenting this process on October 23, 2019. When I make tea, its usually when I’m stressed out and I need a break or when I need a somewhat easy start to a morning. I always have thermos with me and I always take it to class with me. Most of the time this process occurs early in the morning around 8:00 a.m.. Sometimes it happens twice a day, the second time happening around noon.

How this process applies to my manifesto is that it serves as a reminder that its okay to take a break. This process helps me with my artistic process and is very similar to it since I do both of these activities everyday. When I needed to step away from my work I would grab my thermos and take a small walk out of studio. Or I would make a fresh cup at my dorm and look at my work finding what I need to fix.

Drinking some tea while sketching.

Through this process I ended up sharing it with the people around me, applying it to another aspect of my individual manifesto by connecting with others. I would bring an extra cup of tea and hand it off to a friend on my way to class or when I went to studio. It was really interesting seeing the positive reactions I received when including them on my daily routine. I think by incorporating this new aspect of this daily practice it will create a more friendly environment and community.

Surprising my friend, Reyhan, with a cup of tea.

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