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Miniature Manifesto

I exist to create. I exist only in art. My mind can not function any other way.

Looking back, I began worrying what other people thought of me and started looking at myself through their eyes. I had shut out my own voice and listened to the voices of others. Art became my safe space. It woke me up and help me get back my voice. Art has helped me start my journey of loving who I was, who I am, and who I aspire to be. I want to show that every single mark has meaning. I want to show how I communicate and to make people understand that it’s the only way I can. I want my voice to be heard through my art.

I want to be proud of my art and to create a safe space for not only myself but for others. To evoke emotions in the deepest parts of each other, and to give reassurance that is okay to feel. To create pieces that show that it’s okay to be vulnerable. I want it to be meaningful to others, but most importantly to myself. I want to know my worth and be able to appreciate my abilities. I want to show that anyone from all walks of lives is valid and loved. Art should always be a safe place for anyone. I want my art to show that I have many faults and fears just like anyone else. I want art to help me embrace myself and others as hard as I can.

Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves.


Writing this passage has helped me redefine why I make art. It helped me sort out my ideas and feelings towards the subject. This process made me reflect on the amount of personal growth I’ve made since I began creating art. it has also made me appreciate some important figures in my life and appreciate my abilities a tiny bit more.


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